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Plastic Pallets

Pallets are the primary interface between the finished goods and the material handling equipment. The pallet’s integral role is often overlooked or minimized. It should not be.

Westen Pallet and Packaging brings years of experience for application-based recommendations on plastic pallets for storage, work-in-process, distribution and export shipments. Western carries its own product and service line and works with most manufacturers. WPP will always recommend application-based products that will meet your needs and add value.

Summing up, an appropriately designed pallet can reduce product damage rates by eliminating or lessening the consequences of impacts, protruding objects and heavy loads. You provide correct specifications, we provide the pallet! This will increase material handling efficiency in all phases of the unit load process.

Let Western Pallet and Packaging help you today! Call or email us to discuss your needs.

Types of Plastic Pallets  
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